“CrutchLine” is a new crutch designed for the young handicapped. It’s actually with better function although it doesn’t look so functional. It’s a tool, but it’s also an artwork, and also a fashionable feature of their daily life.
he function part: “CrutchLine” gives the user more space to use their hand when they have a crutch with. If you want to get a book, you can hang the crutch on your arm to get it. It’s also very easy when you want to get the crutch back.
he shape: “CrutchLine” is a fashion product with a very simple shape - a rhythmic line. The lively shape makes it more than a tool but also an art piece. The users can feel themselves cool when they use it.
“CrutchLine” can increase the value of the young handicapped’s daily life. For them, a crutch should not be a product that they want to hide somewhere, but a “friend” they want to show to everybody!

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